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0.1. D-RATS Mapping Functionality Actions Static Point Overlays Removing Static Point Overlays
0.2. D-RATS Map Downloader

0.1. D-RATS Mapping Functionality

http://d-rats.danplanet.com/screenshots/drats_map_with_layers.png Actions

  • Zoom in/out with the slider
  • Single-click anywhere on the map to set a cross-hair for measuring
  • Double-click anywhere on the map to re-center (All distances in the list below are calculated with respect to whatever your center is)
  • Double-click on a station in the list to re-center on the last known position of that station
  • Check the "Track Center" box to have the map stay centered on the current center point, if it's moving
  • Right-click on the map for more actions Static Point Overlays

To create a single static point, use the "Set Marker" option from the "Map" pull down menu.

To create a group of static points (i.e. buildings, important sites, etc), create a CSV file of the following format:


Where SYMBOL is a character from the APRS table, preceded by a forward or backward slash. For example:

WCSO - EOC,/o,45.521134,-122.991553,12.3
HFD #1 - EOC,/o,45.520858,-122.989627,87.2
BVT - EOC,/o,45.483194,-122.804217,123.4

Ensure that you include a "," as the last character on each line, including the last line. Forgetting to include the "," will result in the static point overlay failing to load.

Name this file as you want it to display in the application. In the screenshot above, the file is named Washington County ARES.csv. Next, import this into your map display by going to the Map menu and choosing "Load Static Overlay".

Whatever geocoding device you are using must be set to "Decimal" as opposed to "Degrees" or your points will not plot correctly. Drats looks for locations in decimal format.

Remember to make an entry in all fields including altitude. Failure to make an entry in this field will cause the file to not load. If you dont have an altitude figure just enter a "1".

Some pre-canned overlays are available on the MapOverlays page. If you have any to contribute, please post them! Removing Static Point Overlays

Select / highlight the static point overlay that you wish to remove. Select Map > Remove Static Overlay and confirm whether or not you wish to remove the layer.


0.2. D-RATS Map Downloader


The D-RATS Map Downloader utility allows the user to download and cache maps, from the internet, for a given area and level of detail. These maps are then available to D-RATS whether an internet connection is available or not.

To use the D-RATS Map Downloader:

  • enter the Upper and Lower Latitudes. If these are south of the equator enter them as (-) values, eg: -35 to -35.5
  • enter the Maximum and Minimum Longitudes
  • enter the Zoom Upper Limit (this is the highest level of detail that is to be displayed - "15" is the default value)
  • enter the Zoom Lower Limit (this is the lowest level of detail that is to be displayed - "13" is the default value)
  • select Start. The content bar indicates progress for each of the zoom levels.
Note: If a large area is being captured (eg: several degrees Latitude by several degrees Longitude) then zoom levels at 14 and 15 can take a very long time to capture.

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