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D-RATS 0.3.2 Released! PDF Print

D-RATS 0.3.2 release contains the following high-level changes over 0.3.1:

  • The usual large number of bug fixes and visual improvements
  • Added Winlink2000 bi-directional gateway support allowing RF stations to send and receive WL2K messages through a gateway station
  • Added remote mail checking function allowing an RF station to ask an internet-connected station to check and forward messages in an email account
  • Added ability to have user-defined message folders
  • Added spell-checking support in messages and chat
  • Added map station breadcrumbing support
  • Added ability to open multiple message windows at once
  • Added option to include original text in email message replies
  • Added gratuitous message routing, allowing the sender to specify the path of stations that a message will pass through to reach its destination.  Replies follow the reversed path.
  • Added a Send/Receive button on the toolbar to kick the message router immediately
  • Added individual enable/disable toggle on incoming email accounts
  • Added TNC path support to the repeater application
  • Automatic message routing now pings a station it has not heard in a while before attempting to send a message automatically
  • Improved first-time-user experince with semi-guided setup
  • Improved email routing decisions
  • Improved message edit, save, send workflow
  • Fixed GPS beacons so that they are always broadcast in raw form
  • Fixed honoring the global file transfer disable control
  • Fixed exposing directories to file transfer clients
  • Fixed decoding of certain MIME email messages
  • Fixed a large and long-standing memory leak in the message code


Platform Download Link
Windows Installer (EXE)
Linux Source (Binary packages for: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora)
MacOS Intel .app (See note below)

NOTE2: MacOS users must download the KK7DS Python runtime package before
the above .app will work.  Once you install this package, you do not need to
install it for further releases unless noted.

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